About Linda Valentina Avramides

I am an experienced Graphic Designer and Copywriter, with additional experience in Marketing, Copywriting and PR, having worked mainly in the advertising and corporate sector for a broad range of clients. I have proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite CS6 – Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, website content management. After achieving a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts, I pursued a career in graphic design and also attained experience in copywriting, proof reading and editing. Throughout, I have developed strong time management skills in a time sensitive work environment. I also enjoy working as part of a team as well as mentoring and managing those who are not as experienced. As a designer, I enjoy the balance between concept development, problem solving skills and the challenges of end-to-end production and product delivery in all areas of marketing. In my role as a Graphic Designer, I believe I have demonstrated strong conceptual, communication, strategic and analytical skills; the ability to prioritise independently based on workflow dependencies, competing deadlines and time constraints; the ability to work as part of a team and to produce consistently high quality finished and print ready art, with incisive attention to detail. I work independently, am adaptable and always seek to add value to my role with a proactive approach and intuitive problem solving. I believe my key strengths would add value to your establishment.

Linda Valentina Avramides Creative Designer

RESUMÉ and here is my work… PULLOUT POSTERS

The following portfolio is produced by Valentina Avramides under employment by AAS for Link Group.

Freelance work produced by Valentina Avramides

1138.1_EISS398_Fin Plan Posters_A1_v4.1

1138.1_EISS398_Fin Plan Posters_A1_v1.1-3

EISS381 EISS Seminar Posters x 2_A1_41018.0_EISS271_Banner-bug_1000x2395_v7.1-2 BOOK COVER DESIGN Cover_LoveIs_broken glass4 LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_24 DIGITAL ART – WEBSITE HOME PAGE image1077.6_EISS186 consolidation postcard_v1.1 DIGITAL ART – EDM’s, BANNERS, ADS EISS138_YOUTUBE-BANNER_v8B image1656 EISS Postcard DL We tried contacting you_web_Page_1 MON019_X-Plan-Letter_Header_v1-2 TRADE SHOW – DISPLAY imageEISS

1121.5_EISS324_birthday card_A5_v91100.4_EISS270_Redundancy_Postcard_v4.2-11103.4_EISS281_Notepad_A5_v1.3 984.5_EISS148_PENSION PDS_OCT 2014_front cover_v11100.4_EISS270_Redundancy_Postcard_v1.3-2 EISS022 EISS HQ Inhouse Poster_A1_841mm x 594mm_vFp2 FUTP007 EISS Seminar Invitation_210x99mm_Wollongong_v1-1MONEY SOLUTIONS MoneySolns-1741.2_MON238_ISS2_v1.1-1 MON264_CoffeeVoucher_502-600_v1-1 FUTUREPLUS FuturePlus Adhesive Window Posters


DNA-Ad-2 PARIS_exciteLVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_22 LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_26 LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_30 LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_33 LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_34 LOGO DESIGN CamelotCandles_LindaAvramidesNaiima_Linda Avramides


PACKAGING LVA_CV_Portfolio_2011_A1_Page_17 Pack_Base_115x150_Foot_AVM NATURALS-COFFEE black BOX lid TEXTILE ART – Digital Surface Design SCARF_Spirit-DancerSCARF_Dance-with-my-father-againfabric_1 FASHION ILLUSTRATOR Fashion-Illustration-21 LINDA AVRAMIDES CV 2015